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Our roots are in the traditional advertising industry. Working on several projects for our customers, we developed the idea to offer large metal world globes and spheres as ready-to-use products. The key note of weltkugelmanufaktur is our fascination to put these large metal spheres or worldglobes „on stage“ in public places, and to inspire people by these impressive objects.

Our aim is to offer high-quality commercial art by producing spherical metal sculptures of impressive size and shape.

As specialists for large metal sculptures we provide customized spherical objects for business, architects, project managers, or communities.
For the production of our products, we cooperate with several partners in the metal working industry who are masters of their trade and able to realize our – sometimes rather difficult - projects in a diligent and painstaking manner. Especially when it comes to the artistically demanding aspects of our projects, it is most important that our partners are receptive to extraordinary demands and have the professional skills to realize even the most delicate constructions.

This implies specialized welding and cutting work and sheet metal forming for custom-built applications.

Worldglobes and other similar objects are no trivial constructions and require comprehensive technical advice. We are happy to visit you to discuss your ideas and requirements in detail on site.

We take all your specifications very seriously, and also have due respect for artists planning spherical projects, sharing their high attention to details. 

A look in the workshop from our metalworkers:

Preparing metal parts for the welding process

Welding work for a pedestal

Ready 1m wire globe with stainless pedestal for the lobby of a company.

Preparing for shipping in a secure wooden box.

A plastic sphere with 2m diameter ready for shipping.

Assembling a big metal globe in a garden pond with waterproof motor drive

Connecting the controller for the motor drive

A wired sphere

Continents waiting for assembling on a wire sphere

Bevore we begin to produce we create an exactly drawing of the sculpture.

A stainless steel sphere with a rod is waiting for the next step.

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Some last projects ...

Art installation SFO Polished steel sphere for museum

Large waterfeature globe Corten steel sculpture

Monumental spheres by night

metal globe by night Example giant metal sphere

Examples of globes in public places

  • Airport Globe
  • Fountain globe in a shopping mall
  • Metal sphere sculpture in public places
  • Giant steel loudspeaker
  • Giant metal sphere at riverside
  • Giant steel lampshade

Examples of building-globes

  • Wire metal globe with roundabout
  • Globe in airports, offices and buildings
  • Globe for buildings and business

Examples of roundabouts with globes

  • Wire metal globe
  • Metal globe on roundabout
  • World globe on roundabout

Examples of fountain globes

  • Fountain globe
  • Garden fountain globe
  • Indoor globe for botanical gardens