For our spheres, we use different materials depending on the design and structure chosen. In most cases we use aluminium or stainless steel. However, glass, stone or acrylic elements can also be applied.
We will be glad to discuss with you the material that is suited best for your purposes.
Am besten nennen Sie uns Ihre Wünsche bezüglich des Materials und wir besprechen mit gerne Ihnen.
Material for a wire sphere


How many longitude- or latitude strut sections do you need?

An open framed sphere can be constructed using just a few strut sections or rather many of them, according to your personal taste. However, at least twelve longitudinal and latitudinal sections are necessary for that typical „worldglobe“ look.
The diameter of the tubes has also to be taken into consideration. A stronger tube will result in a more robust appearance and stronger visual impact.
Wire metal sphere variants

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