Examples for metal spheres and metal world globes

There are endless ways of using sculptures to create an impressive scenery in public places, entrance areas, trade fair stalls, or office buildings: A highlight that passers-by enjoy and remember.

A giant sphere or globe is the ideal object to give any location a distinctive touch. And compared to many artistic metal sculptures, you don't have to ponder about the artist's message.

Not every passer-by has the time or intention to get involved more closely with the intentions of artists and their objects.

Our giant metal spheres are instantly comprehendible, particularly noticeable, extremely fascinating, and appealing eyecatchers.

Here are some examples of what you can do with such monumental spheres:


Example: Giant metal sphere
The fascination of a huge high-gloss polished metal globe is apparent in this picture. Due to its massive size, people stop in front of the globe to watch the impressive reflection of the surrounding area.

Example: World globe
Instead of boring green plants a special highlight attracts the eyes of passers-by at a roundabout.

Example: World globe
Another roundabout in an industrial estate. As a further option, a company logo or any other inscription could be made to rotate on the globe.

Example: Metal world globe
Suitable for airports, shopping malls, or trade fairs. A metal globe in a steel hemisphere filled with pebble stones. This variant is both transportable, as no floor mounting is necessary, and can be equipped with an electric motor to rotate the globe.

As an alternative, the hemisphere can be filled with water instead of pebble stones.

Example: Illuminated worldglobe at night
A giant globe sculpture at night: Atmospheric lighting turns this metal sculpture into a magic eye-catcher.

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