Continents on worldglobes: Paintwork and applications

What are the available options for the application of continents and what are their pros and cons?

Metal globe

Metal globes are made of high-gloss polished steel spheres. The continents can be applied to the surface either by sand-blasting airbrush or by traditional paintwork. On metal globes, geographical features such as continents, countries, and islands can be rendered in high detail.

By sandblasting certain areas of the surface, we get a slightly roughened, dunnish structure which contrasts to other, polished areas of the globe. However, the sandblasted areas are more sensitive to stains and fingerprints and will obtain a slight patina in the course of time. In our opinion, this is no disadvantage but adds to the own special character of the sculpture.

Continents can also be applied using suitable paints.

Sand-blasted surfaces have a better visual appearance. However, painted surfaces offer more varieties of colours and are less prone to weathering.

World globe

Continents intended for mounting on open framed globes can be made of polished stainless steel, aluminium, or copper. They can be high-gloss polished, satined or – in case of copper continents - with a patina-green tarnish.
An optional protective coating may be applied to copper continents to prevent weathering and to keep the original copper tone. Unvarnished copper will get dark brown after a while, as can be seen on many copper rain gutters.

As a rule, continents and islands are less detailed compared to metal globes due to the manufacturing process and the limited number of longitude and latitude strut sections.

Example: Painted continents with structured surface representing geographical altitudes.

Other examples for surface paintwork:

Example of an application in the shape of a rotating arrow:

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