Due to manufacturing factors and transport restrictions, our main product focus is on large objects ranging from 75 to 300-350 cm in diameter.

Full metal spheres and world globes
Our full metal spheres or worldglobes are available up to a size of 300-350 cm in diameter. From a technical point of view, larger diameters are also possible, however, there are some logistic problems: Due to the fact that the spheres are manufactured in one piece, the legal width limit of appr. 3 m for heavy load road transport means that oversize spheres can only be transported by ship or helicopter.

Open framed spheres, on the other hand, can be constructed as a series of segments that can be individually transported and assembled on site.

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Some last projects ...

Art installation SFO Polished steel sphere for museum

Large waterfeature globe Corten steel sculpture

Monumental spheres by night

metal globe by night Example giant metal sphere

Examples of globes in public places

  • Airport Globe
  • Fountain globe in a shopping mall
  • Metal sphere sculpture in public places
  • Giant steel loudspeaker
  • Giant metal sphere at riverside
  • Giant steel lampshade

Examples of building-globes

  • Wire metal globe with roundabout
  • Globe in airports, offices and buildings
  • Globe for buildings and business

Examples of roundabouts with globes

  • Wire metal globe
  • Metal globe on roundabout
  • World globe on roundabout

Examples of fountain globes

  • Fountain globe
  • Garden fountain globe
  • Indoor globe for botanical gardens